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Project 19910E
Small survey vessel

Restless survey and support 

The ship ensures safety navigation on sea routes

Excellent maneuverability;
Availability of modern hydrographic and lifting equipment;
Substantial endurance;
Perfect living conditions.

All hydrographic activities are provided by the shipborne equipment.

Double-hook electro-hydraulic crane and a shipborne pontoon ensure delivery of cargo to an unequipped coast to support distant hydrographic groups.

Propulsion plant with two Azipod type propeller drive pods and a transverse bow propeller provide for ship’s perfect maneuverability essential for hydrographic activities.


EM2040 Compact D multibeam echosounder.

EA400 single beam echosounder.

MUR-5 motion reference unit.

SEAPATH-20NAV navigation system.

MBX-4 tweaking receiver.

miniSVS sound velocimeter sensor.

TRIMBLE R7 nav receiver.

In order to provide support to the fleet in littoral areas, Project 19910E can carry out all kinds of hydrographic activities.

Main characteristics
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Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/economical, kts.
Range, miles
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