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Multi-Channel Radio Receiver

Multi-channel reception, digital processing of radio signals, increased level of protection against interference.

Twelve versions for use as part of stationary communication centers and radio centers, but also as part of coastal and ship-borne communication complexes.

The R-693 radio receiver is designed to receive and process radio signals amid high-level atmospheric and intentional interference. Depending on the version the R-693 radio receiver provides operation:

in HF (1.5 ... 30 MHz) or;
all-band (0.008 ... 80 MHz) frequency ranges.

It also ensures simultaneous reception of signals via 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels.

The product supports SDR technology and can be remotely controlled via the IRPS, RS-232S/485 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

The R-693 provides reception of radio signals with various types of modulation corresponding to the radiation classes: 300 HA1A, 1K200A1A, A3E, 3K100J3E, 75 F1B, 100 F1B, 125 F1B, 200 F1B, 500 F1B, 1000 F1B, G1B-100, G1B-300, G1B-500, F3E.

The composition of the radio receiving device includes antenna amplifiers that ensure high sensitivity and selectivity of receiving paths, as well as antenna splitters that provide for the ability to simultaneously connect up to eighteen different antenna devices.

Main characteristics
Sensitivity, uV
2.4; 3.8
Number of receiving channels
up to 16
Frequency hop time, ms
not more than 10
Number of programmed channels
up to 2,000
Power supply
220V at 50Hz or 400 Hz
Power consumption of the complete set, W
not more than 1,500