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Digital radio relay station

High-speed jamming-immune communication

New generation of compact multi-functional radio relay stations for establishment of radio lines with high data throughput and resistance to enemy intelligence.

The station is produced in more than 30 modifications for operation in various frequency bands and environments.

It is of modular construction and is delivered as sets of separate units, antenna-feeders and assembly equipment.

They are meant for installation:

at stationary signal centers,

on command-and-staff vehicles,

communications equipment rooms,

on armoured personnel carriers and vehicles.

The R-430MS3 can be adapted for installation on foreign-made vehicles. There are also modifications of the station in container variant.

Modular construction, protective containers, small dimensions and light weight of the radio relay station open up huge opportunities for its transportation and operational employment.

The station can be used as part of automated troop command and fire control systems to organize communication with remote modules and servers, as well as for prompt arrangement of robust high-quality links on rugged terrains and amid harsh geographical conditions.

The station boasts several interference-resistant modes. Low energy potential of the emitted signals and narrow-beam antennas guarantee increased immunity to enemy intelligence of the established lines. As opposed to the majority of radio relay stations the R-430MS3 does not have clear-cut revealing features.

Compact antenna units of the station can be fixed on building roofs or existing antenna posts and cantilever structures.

Main characteristics
Frequency band, MHz
390-645; 4,400 – 5,000; 7,100 – 7,500; 7,900 – 8,400
Communications range, km
Maximum information transmission rate, Mbit/s
Power consumption, W
not more than 300