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Radio Station

Provides operational HF radio communication in the interests of emergency services on land and at sea

The R-610-1 belongs to the class of portable rescue equipment and guarantees work in autonomous mode and in radio networks with selective calls.

The radio station has an increased service life and retains operational after a long stay under water.

The product performs the following functions:

radiotelephone exchange and work in telegraph modes;
automatic self-positioning and timing based on signals from GPS / GLONASS navigation systems;
automatic transmission of the subscriber identifier;
selective calling of subscribers;
automatic establishment of communications in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

The design of the radio station provides for a high level of electromagnetic compatibility when used as part of mobile and stationary communication systems.

The noise suppressor of the receiving path of the radio station has seven response levels.

Main characteristics
Operational wavebands, MHz
Number of programmed channels
up to 100
Output power, W
Automatic setting time, not more than, sec
Sensitivity, uV
0.5 (F1B); 1.0 (J3E)
Dimensions in a backpack, mm
425 x 330 x 150
Operating temperatures, ºC
Weight of the unladen radio station, kg