Reconnaissance and electronic warfare means
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Automated jamming station for VHF radio communication (delivery set 28)

A unique tool for suppressing civilian and military radio communications operating in VHF band.

Modern high-speed system for conducting radio reconnaissance and electronic suppression.

The station is intended for conducting radio reconnaissance, electronic jamming and technical analysis of ground, airborne, cellular and trunking VHF radio links operating at fixed frequencies and in the frequency hopping spread spectrum mode (FHSS).

When operating coupled to a similar product, the R-934B provides direction finding and determination of the coordinates of radio emission sources.

The station is capable of detecting radio links operating in the FHSS mode, with a frequency hopping rate of up to 1,000 hops per second.

Main characteristics
radio reconnaissance and jamming frequency waveband, MHz
30 ... 3,000
radio frequency spectrum scanning speed, with direction finding/ w/o direction finding, MHz/s
maximum simultaneously suppressed radio links, no more than
maximum radiated power of interference transmitters, W
reaction time when creating targeted interference at controlled fixed frequencies, no more than, ms
reaction time when creating interference to radio links operating in the FHSS mode, within the band up to 15 MHz, no more than, ms