Reconnaissance and electronic warfare means
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Multifunctional system for radio electronic suppression of radio communication systems

Effective protection on the march.

The RB-531BE system sufficiently increases protection and efficiency of actions of all-arms and special units including peacekeeping formations, in various environments.

The RB-531BE provides:

radio reconnaissance, direction finding and suppression of VHF radio communication means operating on fixed frequencies and in pseudo-random operational frequency readjustment (PROFR) mode;

barrage jamming of radio-controlled mines and explosive devices (RCMED) in motion and at halts;

group protection of vehicles against aimed small-arms fire by generating aerosol screens over the protected objects.

Main characteristics
K1Sh1 BTR-80
Frequency band scanning rate, Mhz/s
(with direction finding)
(without direction finding)
Response time of radio suppression means
(over controlled frequencies), ms
not more than 30
(over unknown fixed frequencies), s
not more than 3
Aerosol screen length, m
at least 130
Launching range of aerosol rounds, m
at least 20
Screen generation time, s
not more than 2