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5.45mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Short Barrel, Great Performance

Vehicle crewmembers, Special Forces, Law Enforcement units and other Troops can enjoy reliable and accurate Kalashnikov Assault Rifle in 5.45mm caliber while being extremely mobile and operational.

The AK-105 Assault Rifle is the best choice for operators who seek proper balance between firepower and size. Its compatibility with previous generations of the AK platform and a tactical rail make this weapon highly versatile. 5.45mm caliber provides great selection of ammunition types for the shooter to be successful in any mission. Combat experience shows that the Assault Rifle is quite handy for vehicle crews, especially with folded buttstock.

All the iterations of the AK have been weather tested under harshest possible conditions. AK-105 has been battle tested in some conflicts all over the world and has proved to be reliable and pretty accurate at designated distances.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.2 kg
Sighting range
500 m
30 rounds