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Mobile automated radio monitoring station for shortwave communication lines

Effective Radio Airwaves Control

A unique complex for radio reconnaissance in HF band with the ability to conduct technical analysis of intercepted radio signals.

The station is designed for search, detection and interception of signals from radio communication lines in HF band, technical analysis of radio signals and determining direction to sources of radio emission.

The system provides:

reception, registration and processing of signals in real time in the entire HF band;
recording of radio signals of any part of HF band with a width of 4 MHz for a period of 8 hours with the possibility of subsequent signal processing;
assessment of the electronic situation in the designated area of responsibility;
possibility of autonomous use, as well as work as part of a complex of HF radio monitoring equipment.

The station is mounted on the chassis of a KamAZ-1340 vehicle with the K4.5350 van body.

The station includes four workplaces for operators of radio intelligence. Three posts perform search, reception and processing of signals (interception), as well as technical analysis of signals. The fourth post determines the directions to the sources of radio emission.

Main characteristics
Operational wavebands, MHz
Radio intelligence range, km
up to 2,500
Number of receiving channels in each radio receiver unit
Number of virtual channels in each receiving channel
RMS error in direction finding of the sources of radio emission, deg.
Intelligence sector, deg.
Power supply:
external network
380 V, 50 Hz
AD-10U-T400 diesel generator
380 V, 50 Hz
Mean time to failure, h, not more than