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Radio communication for interaction

The PRIMA-DMV radio station is designed for establishment of telephone and telecode radio communication in VHF and partly UHF bands between vehicles, ground command posts and aircraft. 

Distinctive features of the radio station:

extended frequency range enabling communication link with aerial vehicles;
high power of the transmitter ensuring longer range of communications;
availability of jamming-immune mode of pseudo-random operational frequency readjustment;
low energy consumption;
smaller weight and dimensions;

Possible platforms for installation: armoured carriers and vehicles BTR, BMP, BMD, BRDM, MTLB, ADMS and their derivatives.

The radio station can be mounted on aircraft and helicopters in order to establish radio links with ground control posts as well as communication between aircraft.

Main characteristics
Frequency band, MHz
30 - 400
Number of programmed frequency channels
Output power of the transmitter, W
up to 75
Data transmission rate, kbit/s
up to 16
Power consumption, W
not more than 240
Operating temperature range, ºС
System weight, kg
not more than 6.5