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Unified radio communications system of the tactical control level

New network solution for establishment of tactical radio communications

It enables establishment of distributed digital networks in the combat area using only two types of radio stations in portable and vehicle-mounted versions.

Due to implementation of a unique algorithm of pseudo-random operational frequency readjustment (FHSS) that becomes impossible for the enemy's EW assets to suppress the radio channels, intercept or input falsified data.

Integrated navigation means provide self-positioning with accuracy of 25 m in latitude/longitude and 40 m in altitude. It is possible to exchange data on positions of subscribers in automatic and manual modes.

The R-187-P1E portable radio station has an inbuilt IR port and USB interface to plug in the PC.

The radio station has:

an automatic relay mode and
a time division multiplex mode.

Inbuilt means of packet switching ensure interconnectivity of the Azart system with data transfer networks and civil cellular radio telephone networks. This advantage can be used by Special Forces units when conducting missions in urban areas.

Algorithms integrated into the radio stations' software allow realization of network solutions with properties of self-organization and self-recovery.

Main characteristics
R-187-P1E Handheld radio station
Frequency band, MHz
Power output, W
up to 4
Frequency hopping rate, hops/s
up to 20,000
Data transmission speed, kbit/s, max
up to 256
Communication range, km, at least
Transceiver weight, kg
Operating temperature, ºС
R-187VE Vehicle-borne radio station
Frequency band, MHz
1.5…180; 220…470; 550…1,250; 1,850…2.500
Transceiver power output, HF/VHF, W
100/40; 10
Frequency hopping rate, HF/VHF, hops/s
Communication range, HF/VHF, km, max
up to 500 / up to 20
Data transmission speed, HF/VHF, kbit/s, max
up to 9.6 / up to 32,768
Operating temperature, ºС