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Special radio-relay communication station

Secure High-Speed Radio Relay Trunk Line

Establish trunk radio-relay communication lines and arrange military communications lines, forming jam-resistant digital links.

The station includes a communication equipment module in the K5350D van body mounted on a KamAZ-5350 chassis and an antenna module on a KamAZ-5350 chassis.

Capabilities of the system:

operation both in full configuration, using antenna mast and radio relay equipment of the equipment and antenna vehicles, and autonomous operation of the equipment vehicle alone using its own antenna mast equipment;
establishment of communication lines to fixed communication facilities using the R-430PS’s compact remote radio relay equipment sets (KOV-1 and KOV-2), which are installed at fixed communication facilities if necessary;
establishment of up to 4 fiber-optic communication lines using the P-294 optical cable;
jam-resistant information exchange in frequency hopping mode;
automatic adjustment of the transmitter's power, as well as automatic restoration of communications exposed to jamming in the frequency range 390 - 645 MHz;
remote control of antenna orientation from the operator's station.

Main characteristics
Communication range in one radio relay section, km
40 max
Operating frequency ranges, MHz
range 1
390 – 645
range 2
4,400 – 5,000
range 3
7,100 – 7,550; 7,900 – 8,400
Max data transfer rate, Mbit/s
Power consumed from AC network, kW
antenna vehicle
1.5 max
equipment vehicle
3.5 max