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Wireless communication gear for mobile armour and military materiel

New solution

The ABS-BT provides duplex wireless communication for crewmembers both inside armoured vehicles and outside in a handsfree mode.

The ABS-BT can be used for:

interaction between crewmembers;

coordination of actions of crewmembers and technical personnel while equipping the vehicle;

technical maintenance, test and checkout procedures;

coordination of actions of crewmembers with assigned tactical units.

The composition of the system: BSB-BT block; AShR-0,05-BT antenna; NPB-BT lapel wireless switches; UZNPB charging device.

Main characteristics
Frequency band, Ghz
Output power, mw
up to 10
Coverage area, m
up to 150
Time of continuous operation, h
up to 8
Power consumption, W
not more than 15
Weight of lapel wireless switches, kg
not more than 0.35