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Radio relay station

Trunk line for digital traffic

Universal mobile radio relay station for rapid deployment as a part of field systems of tactical and operational level.

The R-419L1 radio relay station is designed for deployment of radio relay or cable communication lines; establishment of channel branches from trunk radio relay, tropospheric-scatter and wire information lines; as well as arrangement of radio inserts along cable communication lines that are damaged or under repair.

The station ensures:

searchless communication establishment;

multi-channel duplex radio communication equal in quality to digital cable and fiber-optic communication lines;

capability to transmit video data and organize video conferences.

The station is built compliant to military standards and provides full-duplex operation with digital and analogue radio relay systems of Russian production on common frequencies.

The R-419L1 station is mounted on the chassis of 4x4 KAMAZ4350 trucks that enables it to move along paved roads with maximum speed of up to 100 km/h.

The station's equipment is accommodated in a van of enhanced comfort with workstations and rest areas for the crew, storage places for food and water.

The R419L1 station is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system that includes a set of accumulator batteries and two AD4-T400-1VM2 vehicle-borne electrical units.

The station is capable of continuous autonomous operation for at least 48 hours without refueling and resupply of water.

Main characteristics
Operating frequency range, MHz
390-645; 1,550-1,850
Frequency hop time, s
not more than 2
Maximum information transmission rate, Mbit/s
Deployment time, min.
not more than 35
Weight of the station fully equipped and fuelled, kg
not more than 11,900
Mean time between failures (MTBF), h
at least 20,000
Service life, years
at least 15