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Digital radio relay station

Compact unit for stable and reliable communication

The station is intended for organization of single-interval radio relay communication lines.

ease of operation and reliability;
versatility - ability to be installed on stationary communication centers and transport platforms;
small dimensions and weight;
high degree of compatibility with military and civilian transmission systems.

The R-419MTs digital radio relay station is produced in 5 versions and supplied in the form of sets of separate blocks, antenna-feeders and mounting equipment. It can be installed on stationary objects, armoured personnel carriers and vehicles of Russian and foreign production.

The station supports all major digital communication protocols, incl. Ethernet protocol in packet-switched communication networks.

Communication range can reach 45 km, including in partially closed intervals with an overlap of up to 50 m.

Main characteristics
Operating frequency band, MHz
Frequency grid, kHz
Transmitter power, at least, W
Readjustment time, s
Weight of the transceiver unit, kg
Consumer power, VA
Communication range, km
up to 45
Mean time between failures (MTBF), at least, h
Service life, years