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Portable Gradiometer

Makes objects and territories secure 

OSS detects unexploded projectiles at a considerable depth – up to 7 m, which makes it indispensable for humanitarian and special operations.

The key mission of OSS is detection of ferromagnetic objects, including unexploded projectiles and other explosive objects in the ground, water or under water.

The location of ferromagnetic objects detected can be gridded. At the same time OSS can be used as a part of versatile integral system for ferromagnetic objects detection.

‘OSS’ profile can be rapidly adapted for real task requirements (engineering reconnaissance, objects inspection, search activities etc.) with possible extension of area under search.

Main characteristics
Action principle
magnetometric gradiometer
Time of continuous operation, h
at least 8
Base of a searchable element, mm
Weight in operation state, kg
2.7 max