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Image Processing System

Facilitates investigation, saves time 

A specialized system that takes into account the specifics of expert’s work and strict standards for examinations, including work with low quality images and inadmissibility of distortion and destruction of the source data.

Files of almost all formats: standard (BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, TGA, PNG), images from digital cameras, RAW and WSQ images, etc. may serve image sources to be input into the Rastr system.

The Rastr system allows you to create specialized, secure databases for storing images, documents, expert opinions in electronic form. An important function of the system is the conversion of digital images to identify hard-to-see details, as well as the study of images, including comparative studies, with the mandatory preservation of the original image and its modification history. Basing on the results of the examination, the system helps to create and print a conclusion using source and processed images.

The Rastr system includes a PC, video equipment (digital video camera, lens, tripod table), digital photographic camera, flatbed scanner, laser printer, microscope (optionally), illuminators (optionally) and software.

The Rastr system is an addition to the AFIS PAPILLON automated fingerprint information system (See more).
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