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Detector of explosives and narcotics

Malefactors won’t pass 

Automatically detects and identifies traces of explosives and narcotics when the inspected person presses the button of the sampling unit.

Wide range of detectable agents;
High operation capacity;
Low cost exploitation;
Effective self-cleaning system.

Shelf-TI-r can be integrated into mass personal control systems to detect traces of explosives and/or narcotics on fingers.

Shelf-TI-r ensures rapid detection of trace amounts of explosives and narcotic substances at various checkpoints (passport and visa control at airports, railway stations, public events, industrial sites and specially protected areas).
Main characteristics
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm
max 280х200х115
Weight, kg
max 3.5
Detection threshold for TNT, g
Sampling unit cleaning time, min
max 2
Time for operating mode start-up, min
max 15
Number of measurements per minute
Communication interfaces
Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB, clean contact