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Multirole frontline fighters

Reliable modern aircraft 

Efficient in executing cover tasks of Forces and objects as well as engaging of ground and surface targets at the distance of 400-600 km. They possess high combat power and survivability, capability of employment as a tactical refueling aircraft.

MiG-29M/M2 multirole fighters are designed to defeat various air targets, moving and stationary ground/surface targets using guided and unguided weapons, day and night, under simple and adverse weather conditions.

The aircraft has a high level of self-sustainment, capability of employment away from the main airfield basing.

In a two-seat configuration it can be applied both in combat and training modes.

Fighters are equipped with modern onboard avionics suite, armament complex, self-defense suite.

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Main characteristics
Normal takeoff weight, kg
Service ceiling, m
Maximum speed (H=200 m), km/h
Maximum payload, kg
Number of hardpoints