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Combat scout-attack helicopter

Aerial leader 

Highly-maneuverable helicopter is armed with powerful armament complex and is capable to execute any combat task with high efficiency.

Ka-52E Combat Scout Attack Helicopter is designed for destruction of tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles, enemy’s manpower and adversary helicopters in the front line or in tactical depth. The helicopter provides transfer of target reconnaissance, target distribution and target designation data to interacted helicopters and command posts of Ground Forces.

Ka-52E has a high combat survivability and combat power, it can be operated round-the-clock, it has a wide range of aerial weapons that can be mounted on 6 hardpoints and it is the only helicopter in the world that is equipped with the Ejection & Shock absorbing System.

Moreover, there is a ship-based version of the helicopter with 4 hardpoints, blade-folding and a wing-console section pivoting mechanisms for basing on decks or in hangars of ships.

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Main characteristics
Maximum takeoff weight, kg
Max speed, km/h
Maximum climb-rate, m/s
Service ceiling, m
Hovering ceiling, m
up to 4,000
Range (with internal fuel tanks), km
Maximum payload, kg