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"Tor-M2E" ("Tor-M2K", "Tor-M2KM")
Air defense missile system

Each missile hits the target

Short-range mobile multi-channel ADMS with high probability of hitting air targets.

The anti-aircraft missile system has the following modifications:

"Tor-M2E" - on the tracked base chassis;
"Tor-M2K" - on a wheeled base chassis;
"Tor-M2KM" - in a modular design.

ADMS is distinguished by high firepower, noise immunity, short time for putting into combat readiness and the possibility of autonomous use of a combat unit.

"Tor-M2E" ("Tor-M2K", "Tor-M2KM") air defense missile system is designed to defeat fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, aerodynamic unmanned aerial vehicles, guided missiles, and other elements of precision munitions at medium, low and extremely low altitudes in contested air and jamming environment.

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Main characteristics
Firing distance to aerial targets:
1000-15000 m
10-10000 m
up to 8000 m
Number of simultaneously engaged targets