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"Resonance-NE" (69YA6)
Long-range low-observable aerial target acquisition radar

Effective detection of any air opponent.

Long range and altitude of detection of air targets, including hypersonic and made using Stealth technology. Ideal for any air defence system.

High rate of space surveillance;
Ability to recognize target classes;
Great reliability;
Continuous operation option.

Long-range low-observable target acquisition "Resonance-NE" radar with meter-range phased array is designed for effective long-range detection of a wide scope of existing and prospective flying objects such as low-observable cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as hypersonic aerial vehicles, including stealth ones, in contested electronic environment and under natural noise.

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Main characteristics
Operating frequency range
Surveillance area:
10-1100 km
360 deg
elevation angle
1,5…80* (0…+80) deg**
up to 100 km
Information update rate
1-10 sec
Duration of performance
* if placed on a hill ≥10 m with gradient up to 2deg
** if placed on a hill ≥ 100 m
*** except for semi-annual overhauls with a total duration of about 160 hours