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Mobile 3D medium/high-altitude stand-by radar

Success in the application of various frequency ranges.

Combines advantages of VHF and UHF bands. An ideal source of targeting information for air defense systems.

55Zh6UME radar implements significant detection boundaries for all types of air targets, including small and stealth ones (made using the Stealth technology) regardless of weather conditions using the meter range.

There is the possibility of creating a narrow pencil beam with a significant concentration of energy in the direction to the target being followed and high-precision measurement of coordinates in the decimeter range.

55Zh6UME mobile 3D medium/high-altitude stand-by radar is designed for detection, 3D position measurement, tracking, and state attribution (identification) of aerial targets, jammer direction finding, and data support of end users.

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Main characteristics
Frequency bandwidth
Radar envelope:
10-600 km
360 deg
elevation angle
0-30 deg (additional tracking – up to 50 deg)
80 km
8000 km/h
rate of data retrieval
10 sec