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Typhoon-VDV K-4386
Armoured Vehicle

Out of the blue and ready for battle

The only MRAP-type armoured vehicle in the world that can be air-dropped from a transport aircraft using a parachute system.

The K-4386 4x4 armoured vehicle belongs to the Typhoon-K family of armoured vehicles and is designed for transportation of personnel, cargo, as well as installation of various systems and weapons.

The main design difference between the K-4386 and the K-53949 is the carrying armoured hull, which having increased rigidity and strength allows the vehicle to be air-dropped safely.

The combined protection of the armoured hull provides protection against small arms, shell fragments and explosive devices. The vehicle is equipped with energy-absorbing seats of the crew and troopers.

The vehicle can be equipped with various combat modules, including a remote-controlled combat module with a 30 mm automatic gun and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. A modern fire control system ensures detection and engagement of various types of targets at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.

The Typhoon-VDV is capable of negotiating the following obstacles:
30-deg. ascend / descend;
20-deg. slopes;
0.5-m wide ditches;
1.5-m deep fords without preparation;
1.75-m deep fords after 10 minutes of preparation.

Main characteristics
Wheel arrangement
Dimensions, mm L x W x H
6,000 x 2,544 x 2,849
Total combat weight, kg, max
Load capacity, kg, max
Engine power, kW (hp), at least
258 (350)
Maximum speed, km/h, at least
Fuel endurance, km, at least
Trailer weight (towing over all roads and off-road), kg, at least
Road clearance, mm
420 (adjustable)