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Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB)

Bridging Gaps with One Span

The MTU-90M AVLB bridges gaps, facilitates your access to remote areas and augments drastically your military and civilian logistics operations.

The MTU-90M Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge is a modern bridgelayer on the T-90S robust and time tested platform. It is designed for laying single-span bridge crossings enabling tanks and other vehicles to cross ditches, channels, narrow rivers and other obstacles of up to 19 m wide. Due to the armour protection of the hull similar to that of the T-90 MBT, the MTU-90M AVLB can lay a bridge on the battlefield under the enemy's fire with the crew staying inside the vehicle, thus augmenting assault capabilities of any motorized and tank unit.  The Vehicle boasts of great cross-country capability and high speed over rough terrain, and it can also cross water obstacles driving under water with special snorkel. The NBC protection allows the AVLB to operate in contaminated zones. MTU-90M can remove the bridge from both sides.

Main characteristics
Weight (with bridge)
47.5 t +2%
Bridge weight
11.4 t
Deployment time
2.5-3 min
Bridge load capacity
60 t
Cruising range
550 km