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7.62mm Machine Gun

Your Firepower Lasts Longer

Pecheneg is one of the best Machine Guns, if not the best, in its class by specifications and combat performance.

Pecheneg Machine Gun is all about robustness, reliability and performance. Due to modern and time-tested design solutions it is capable of engaging a great variety of targets at distances of up to 1500m. Modern ergonomic features augment mobility of the operator in the field and also increase sighting distance. The MG provides higher firepower and longer lifespan, which is vital to the success of any mission.

Pecheneg can be the MG of choice for Armed Forces, Border Control, Special Forces and any other services who require high fire density and rate, reliability and operability. The Pecheneg MG is extremely weather resistant as it withstands temperature fluctuation from -50 ℃ up to +50 ℃ and can be used in any part of the world.

Main characteristics
Rate of Fire
600-800 rds/min
Empty weight
8.2 kg
Sighting range
1500 m
Belt (Box) Capacity
100 and 200 rounds