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6S8 and 6S8-1
12.7mm Sniper Rifle

Special Care for Special Targets

6S8/6S8-1 is the Sniper Rifle of choice for snipers in Russia and other countries who intend to engage high priority targets at distances up to 1500m, using powerful 12.7x108mm ammunition.

6S8/6S8-1 is an extremely powerful and efficient Sniper Rifle capable of suppressing various targets including manpower, protected by top classes of armour, light armoured vehicles, constructions and other materiel. 6S8 is a sniper rifle equipped with day/night optics and 6S8-1 is equipped with regular optics. Due to AP, AP-tracer and AP Incendiary ammunition the weapon is extremely efficient against wider range of targets. The bullpup know-how implemented in the design of 6S8/6S8-1 allowed to save barrel length and increase fire-power significantly. Special muzzle brake and other design features reduce recoil thus saving your health as an operator of this Sniper Rifle. As this weapon has been used by the Armed Forces for quite a while, thousands of snipers have already proved it to be reliable and accurate.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
12.5 kg
Sighting range
1500 m
5 rds