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5.45mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Great Performance Runs in the Family

Cutting-edge technologies in Small Arms design for your convenience, versatility and operability with the whole variety of 5,45mm ammunition types. 

The 5.45mm AK200 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle is a modern iteration of the legendary AK platform which has helped to successfully accomplish thousands of missions all over the world.

The task was to make a great assault rifle even better. Supported by the know-how and following the modern trends, engineers redesigned the buttstock, fore-grip, handle, muzzle brake and other elements but kept the time tested gas-operated mechanics. AK200 is an extremely customizable weapon with Picatinny rails (and dismountable side mounts) for various tactical devices. And there is no secret about all the iterations of the AK being weather tested under harshest possible conditions.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.8 kg
Sighting range
800 m
30 rounds