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Main Battle Tank (MBT)

Major Player on the Battlefield

Cutting-edge solutions in Armoured Vehicles' design merged with combat experience for your undisputed dominance on the battlefield.

The T-90MS MBT is equipped with powerful weapon systems, modern automatic fire control systems, cutting-edge protection, robust and powerful engine, and reliable transmission.

The 125mm cannon allows to engage targets at long distances with high accuracy, and keeps the MBT from the enemy Anti-Tank Assets effective area.
Modern Machine Gun Mount is extremely efficient against various light targets due to a stabilizer.
The Fire Control System provides sustained target search, detection, identification and tracking under any weather conditions, day and night, from a halt position or on the move.

The Т-90MS MBT offers comprehensive protection against conventional ammunition, precision guided weapons (guided artillery projectiles, ATGMs) and anti-tank rockets.

Main characteristics
Weight with ammo
48 t +3%
1,130 hp
Power to weight ratio
23 hp/t
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Cruising range
500 km