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Multifunctional Robotic Demining System

A Robot to Save Lives

The URAN-6 Multifunctional Robotic Demining System is designed for engineer reconnaissance and area clearing of antipersonnel landmines and explosive objects in the remote control mode.

The Uran-6 is of modular design, features welded armoured hull that provides protection against fragments and blast effect of anti-personnel mines and IEDs. The system comprises the vehicle itself, remote control set consisting of an ergonomic backpack and a control console, maintenance and support kit and a range of detachable equipment.

The robotic system sweeps main types of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, explosive devices and unexploded ordnance in areas, overgrown with dense vegetation, clogged with industrial waste and hubris, including metal and stone with a probability as high as 98%.

It also performs the following functions:

breaching of mined blockages, debris clusters, barbed-wire obstacles cutting wires of 8 mm diameter;
moving solid objects weighing up to 1,000 kg and having dimensions not exceeding 1.0 m with a bulldozer blade outfitted with a rotating gripper;
filling up trenches, creating mounds and bulwarks, leveling sites;
digging out neutralized roadside bombs;
towing of wheeled and tracked vehicles: cars and even tanks – to a short distance.

Detachable equipment can be assembled and dismounted in the field within 20 minutes with a crane-manipulator.

Types of detachable equipment:
mine flail;
rotary tiller;
roller plough;
bulldozer blade;
bulldozer blade with a rotating gripper.

Main characteristics
Curb weight, kg
Wheel track, mm
Engine power, kW (hp)
176 (240)
Number of video cameras, pcs.
4 (+1 on a detachable dozer blade with a gripper)
Type of main video cameras
analog, blast-proof
Cameras' azimuth angle of view, deg.
Control and video transmission range, m
in the open
up to 800
in urban area
up to 300
Weight of the remote control set, not more, kg