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Special Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

Covertness. Efficiency. Accuracy.

The SBRM is a unique mobile system for complex intelligence, search and counteraction of reconnaissance and sabotage groups and terrorist formations. The SBRM increases situational awareness of decision-making officials.

The SBRM is intended for:

detection and identification of ground (sea-surface) stationary and moving targets;
performing navigational tasks;
processing, registering and transfer of intelligence data to command posts;
engagement of detected targets;
provision of mobility and protection to the crew.

As the SBRM is equipped with digital communications and data processing means it can easily be integrated into automated troop command and control systems on different levels.

The SBRM fulfills the following tasks:

detection and recognition of ground (tank, APC, vehicle, group of people, individual), sea-surface (lifeboat, motor boat, yacht) and low-flying (helicopter, sporting aeroplane, UAV) targets in any situation using modern reconnaissance assets;
positioning of detected targets displaying their coordinates on a digital terrain map;
automated control of all the systems and equipment of the SBRM via the onboard information management system.

Implementation of modern optical, thermal imaging, radar, acoustic and seismic reconnaissance assets guarantees receipt of reliable data about the enemy in the shortest possible time with fewer personnel.

Main characteristics
Service environment
any season, day and night
Operating temperature range, °С
-50°С to +45
Relative humidity at +25 °С, %
Permitted vibration (with frequency of 1 – 500 Hz), m/s2
49 (5g)
Power consumption, kW
not more than 5
Total weight, kg
not more than 8,600