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7.62mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Legendary Design, Better Performance

Highly reliable Kalashnikov assault rifle with a short barrel and folding buttstock for Vehicle Crewmembers, Special Forces and regular Armed Forces to accomplish special tasks.

This model of the AK100th series was especially designed to balance sufficient firepower with compact size in order to augment operator's mobility and performance on the battlefield.

The design of the forehand provides better versatility as it has tactical rails for various accessories and devices, and you can tailor your AK-104 to the mission and environment. 7.62x39mm magazines from previous AK generations are compatible with AK-104, which increases combat readiness and interchangeability, and may save life in battle.

The AK-104 can be successfully used within the urban theatre of operation by Vehicle Crews, Law-enforcement, Security and Special Task Forces as it is powerful, reliable and compact.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.2 kg
Sighting range
500 m
30 rounds