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7.62mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Great Performance Runs in the Family

There is no limit to perfection in Small Arms design and modern iteration of the legendary AK platform proves it true.

The 7.62mm AK203 is a perfect Assault Rifle made even better. The know-how implemented in this iteration augmented combat and tactical capabilities drastically. Picatinny rails made the AK203 extremely versatile as the operator can install the whole range of tactical equipment. Advanced technical solutions improved fire accuracy and barrel lifespan considerably.

Modern design features such as folding and adjustable buttstock, windowed and rifled magazine, and a pistol grip made this Assault Rifle more ergonomic. Variety of ammunition types in 7.62mm allows the operator to be combat ready and efficient while accomplishing any mission.

Reliability has always been the salient feature of all the Russian-made AK iterations.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.8 kg
Sighting range
800 m
30 rounds