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30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL)

Nowhere to Hide from AGS-30

The 30mm AGS-30 Automatic Grenade Launcher provides the operator with augmented maneuverability, higher firepower up to 2100m, proper durability and stability.

AGS-30 has been developed on the reliable, weather tested and battle proven platform. Due to advanced design and material solutions the Grenade Launcher can fire 30mm ammunition direct, high and low trajectories and the recoil is surprisingly soft for its destructive power and engagement range. The light weight of the weapon gives great advantage to the shooter, as he can act independently on the battlefield, change sites easily, stay safe, and march long distances.

AGS-30 is a universal automatic grenade launcher which can cover the whole sector or can be pretty accurate engaging single targets. The operator has a diverse selection of ammunition at his disposal for any task and target which can be assigned to him. Regular troops, Rapid Deployment and Special Forces, and Law-enforcement units can successfully use AGS-30 within any theater of operations (TO). 

Main characteristics
VOG-17/17M/30 GPD-30
Rate of Fire
400 rds/min
Weight with a mount (tripod)
16,5 +0,5 kg
Sighting range
2100 m (depending on the ammo)