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Anti-tank Rocket Launcher

You Name it We Hit It

Mighty RPG-29, with Tandem HEAT Shaped Charges and Thermobaric ones, is an extremely precise weapon system against various types of targets up to 500m.

RPG-29 is a multiple shot Rocket Launcher compatible with Tandem HEAT Shaped Charges and Thermobaric ones. It's famous for its accuracy and destructive capabilities. No heavy or light armoured vehicles and fortifications can survive the hit.

The Rocket Launcher has been battle and weather tested in the number of conflicts all over the world. Reasonable weight and dimensions allow the operator to be maneuverable on the battlefield and accomplish special missions. Advanced solutions implemented in the RPG-29 provide operator with up-to-date combat capabilities.

Main characteristics
Length (in combat/travel position)
Weight (w/o optical and night sights), kg
11.6 kg
Sighting Range
300 rds