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Coastal missile system with X-35UE anti-ship missiles

Hive of bees 

Unbreakable coastal defence 

Suppressing fire power;
Flexible program-controlled flight path;
Mobility of combat units;
Centralized fire control;
Availability of local target designation means;
High combat survivability, covertness and jamming resistance;
Substantial modernization potential.

Centralized fire control provides for optimal target assignment of missiles and forming of spatiotemporal structure of a massive salvo aiming missiles at 6 targets (when controlled from one command post), at 12 targets (when controlled from two command posts), at 24 targets (when controlled from each launcher unit).

Availability of active and passive radar’s detection channels ensures flexible strategy of designation data generation.

High maneuverability and covert change of a fire position are ensured by the platform with great cross-country capabilities.

Ammunition load is transported by the transport-loading vehicles, so that another missile salvo can be launched within a minimum interval.

BAL-E provides reliable defence of the State’s coastline and maritime platforms from the sea attacks.

Main characteristics
Maximum range of fire, km
Missile’s velocity, М
Number of missiles in a salvo (on 4 launching units), un.
Maximum number of targets simultaneously engaged by a complete missile salvo, un.
Deployment time, minutes
Target detection range, km:
by an active radar
up to 100
by a passive radar
up to 450