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Project 22160E
Patrol ship for distant sea areas

Multipurpose first

Latest shipbuilding advancements embodied in metal

Effective patrolling of distant assigned areas;
Early warning;
Fast disembarkation of troops and interception of vessels; 
Vast retrofitment possibilities.

The ship is among the best in patrolling of large sea and ocean areas situated far from the home port.

To ensure distant surface monitoring a helicopter and two UAVs are located aboard the ship.

An assault boat and a high-speed motor boat ensuring fast delivery of a special force group or interception of a suspicious vessel are available on board.

Project 22160 can be retrofitted up to corvette class, equipped with a modular hospital, unmanned boats and submersible vessels.

Installing different additional modules in the transformable compartment adds extra functions to the ship.


АK-176МА-01artillery gun mount 1х1 76,2 mm:
Rrange of fire, km – 15,7.

Pozitiv-ME 1.2 3D radar:
Air target detection range, km – 150.

Bagira МР-123-02 fire control radar.

There are a hangar, a helipad for a 12 t helicopter and two UAVs.
There are a stern slip and equipment for boats to locate an assault and two high-speed motor boats aboard the ship.


Club-N integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300;
Missile load – 8 missiles.

Palma anti-aircraft missile and artillery system:
Range of fire of missiles/artillery, km – 10/5;
Ammunition load of missiles/artillery – 8 missiles/1000 rounds.

Hi-tech project 22160 is the best choice to ensure compliance with the State’s interests in large sea and ocean areas.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draught), m
94,1х14 х 3,4
Maximum speed, kts
Range, miles
Endurance, days
Seaworthiness, points