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AA artillery system with Sosna SAMs

Reliable shield protecting from air attacks

Comprises advantages of small-caliber artillery and SAMs

Effective combination of armament;
Multichannel, autonomous, high precision, all-weather, day-and-night electro-optical fire control system;
Automation of combat process, strong jamming immunity and absence of long-term exposing electromagnetic radiation.

Palma consists of a firing module with two 30-mm artillery machineguns, an electro-optical control system, braces to carry eight transport-launching containers with Sosna SAMs and power drives.

Composition of armament, large engagement zone and short reaction time of the system ensure high probability of target engagement.

Modest mass and dimensions of the firing modules and absence of underdeck parts allow to install the system on the ship to ensure effective all-round close air defence.

Palma is an effective air defence system designed for ships and boats. It is capable to repel air attacks, engage small-size cutters, motorboats and anti-ship missiles flying at extremely low altitude.

Main characteristics
Engagement zone:
altitude artillery/missiles, km
0...3,0/ 0,002...5,0
range artillery/missiles, km
0,2...4,0/ 1,3…10,0
Artillery rate of fire, rounds/min
Guidance sector:
azimuth, deg.
elevation, deg.
Ammunition load missiles /rounds, un.
Time of reaction, sec
Mass of the launcher unit with ammunition load, kg