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IntelliMax TRIO Inspection System

First in the World Triple Analysis

Joint Cutting-Edge Development Completed by Leading Manufacturers of Security Inspection Equipment.

Interaction and information exchange with the technical monitoring and control results collection system;
Detected substance identification, drugs and/or explosives detection details;
Saving settings, event history, including event date and time;
Detection of hazardous chemicals in the air;
Drug traces detection function.

Security integrated inspection system SmartScan IntelliMax TRIO is designed for human inspection and detection of firearms, steels, ionizing radiation sources, explosives, narcotics and chemical agents.

Among explosives detected by SmartScan IntelliMax TRIO are brisant and initiating; industrial and home-made, incl. TNT, hexogen, PETN, DNT, nitroglycerine, EGDN, octogen, tetrile, rhinitrophenol, ammonium nitrate / ANFO, dinitronaphthalene, TATP, HMTD.

Main characteristics
Number of detection zones
18 + 1
Ferrous/non-ferrous metals detection selectivity
Classification of discovered sources by hazard degree
3 degrees
TNT detection threshold, g
Narcotics traces detection function
Hazardous chemicals detection function in the air
The ability to independently enable/disable
Overall dimensions of the detector (H х W х L), cm
Weight, kg
from 153
Maximum relative humidity at +35 ° C, %
Operating temperature range, °C
from -20 to +50