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Torpedo and bomb fire control system (TB FCS)


The Purga system is designed to control fire of shipborne torpedo, bomb and rocket weapons:

  • torpedoes from various types of torpedo tubes;
  • RGB-60 rocket depth charges from RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers;
  • 90R rockets from RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers;
  • RGB-10 rocket depth charges from RBU-1000 ASW rocket launchers;
  • anti-torpedoes from Paket-E/NK launchers.


The system consists of the KP163 control device, which is an ETHERNET-based information management computer network, KP108 power management device, KP119 devices generating analog data for torpedoes, KP105 amplifier stations, instruments, KP84 presetters for data input into the RBU and depth charge systems, KP52 blocking devices, and an instrument indicating the dangerous zones for rocket depth charge launchers.

The Purga fire control system is interfaced with the following support shipborne systems:

  • battle information management system;
  • sonar systems;
  • radar systems;
  • gyroscopic stabilization system;
  • navigation system;
  • log;
  • safe weapon employment system;
  • power supply system.


The Purga system:

  • determines the motion parameters for underwater and surface targets;
  • determines when the target is in range;
  • produces the recommended course and speed for the ship to take a position for firing at targets;
  • evaluates the target kill probability;
  • generates data for firing on predetermined targets at the actual, predicted position and on the probable target area;
  • ensures single and salvo firing by torpedo, anti-torpedo and rocket depth charge launchers against the various types of targets;
  • jettisons the ammunition stores;
  • provides personnel training without actual use of weapons;
  • provides a back-up method for firing torpedoes, rockets and depth charges.
Main characteristics
Time to bring the Purga system to readiness from OFF position, s
Time to fire a salvo of torpedoes from the start of receiving designation data, s
Time to fire a salvo of depth charges from the start of receiving designation data, s
Time to fire a salvo of anti-torpedoes from the start of receiving designation data, s
Continuous operation time (with ventilation ON), hour
Power consumption, kW:
three-phase 220 V, 400 Hz
27V DC network