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High-speed assault boat

Appears where nobody expects

High-speed, small size, low profile boat designed for Special Forces

High-speed, substantial range and perfect maneuverability;
Modern small size navigation, communication and surveillance means;
Substantial troops capacity;
Ergonomic control panel;
Can be both installed aboard the ship or vessel and transported by railway, road, marine or air transport.

The boat is designed to support Special Forces in littoral areas. BK-10 as well can disembark landing troops on the coast at any point, to a maritime platform or to a vessel.

Suspension boat seats are available for the crew.

The windows of the pilot house are bulletproof. Installation of armored plating on both sides is optional.

The boat can be equipped either with two 7,62 mm machineguns or with a 40 mm grenade launcher.

High-speed boats account for better effectiveness of Special Forces in littoral sea areas and inland waters.
Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Troops capacity, men
Maximum speed, kts.
Range, miles