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BK-16E special purpose boat
Based on project 02510 BK-16E high-speed assault boat

A must in diving operations

Advanced, high-speed, multifunctional maritime platform with low displacement

High speed, substantial sailing range and perfect maneuverability;
Search and inspection of underwater objects;
Support of diving operations;
Comfortable living conditions for the crew and divers;
Ergonomic control panel;
Transportation aboard ship or vessel by railway, road, marine or air transport.

The boat is designed to provide support to special operation forces in littoral areas and to ensure diving. BK-16E can rapidly deliver divers to the designated area and stay at sea up to 3 days without replenishment.

The boat has a bow ramp, a diver's ladder and a diving stage. BK-16E ensures dives of 6 men. All necessary equipment is pre-installed aboard: decompression chamber, TV-kit for underwater works, remotely-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle and motorboat.

Thanks to the outstanding specifications, compact and ergonomic design with modern equipment, the boat can effectively carry out tasks in littoral areas and inland waters.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Length, beam, draft, m
Max speed, kts
Range, nm