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Project 12150 Mangust
High-speed patrol boat

Maritime interceptor 

Interception and inspection of every sea boarders’ trespasser is guaranteed 

High-speed and great maneuverability;
High-speed motor boat situated on the stern slip;
Perfect living conditions for the crew and passengers.

Powerful propulsion plant and well-mastered hull design ensure high speed of the ship.

High-speed motor boat can be launched on move and is capable of delivering an inspection group to an intruder-vessel.

Comfortable living conditions are created for the crew and a support group.

The boat can be transported by all modes of transport including aviation.


Remotely controlled combat module with a 14,5 mm machine gun:
Range of fire, km - 2.5.

7,62 mm machine guns on a pedestal mount.

A slip for a motor boat.

High-speed, perfect maneuverability and substantial fire power with excellent seaworthiness of Mangust ensure its best use for wide range of tasks in littoral areas and inland waters.

Main characteristics
Standard displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/economical, kts.
Range, miles
Endurance, days
Seaworthiness, points
Crew + support group, men
5 + 4