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Project 20382 Tiger
Multipurpose corvette

Primus inter pares 

Proved effectiveness against surface ships, submarines and aerial targets 

Multipurpose, compact. Control over the ship is highly automated;
Powerful and well-balanced armament;
Build using composite materials and stealth technologies;
Modular design.

Karakurt ensures effective defence of large surface ships, vessels and convoys from aerial, submarine and surface ship attacks.

The ship is capable of destroying critical land facilities, combat surface ships including those with a strong air defence.

Project 20382 as well can provide effective fire support for the Army and landing troops on the coast.


Club – N integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300;
Missile load, missiles – 8.

RIF-M multichannel ADMS:
Range of fire, km – 40;
Ammunition load, missiles – 16.

А-190E artillery gun mount 1х1 100 mm:
Range of fire, km – 22.

Two АK-630М 1х6 30 mm artillery gun mounts:
Range of fire, km – 5.

Two Paket E/NK anti-submarine systems with 327 mm torpedoes:
Range of fire, km – 20;

Zaslon-MFR multipurpose radar:
Detection range, km:
active channel – 200;
passive channel – 300.

Zaria ME – 03 sonar.

A hangar and a helipad for a 12 t helicopter.

Due to brand new technologies the combat potential of Project 20382 is not inferior to frigate class.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/economical, kts.
Range, miles
Seaworthiness, points