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Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (ARRV)

Functionality Beyond Expectations

The BREM-L ARRV plays a vital role in all recovery and repair operations of damaged infantry fighting vehicles and other lightweight vehicles from the enemy’s fire zone.

BREM-L has been developed on the chassis of the BMP-3 IFV and has similar specifications. This enables it to solve tasks of technical support for motorized infantry units during various missions, day and night, in any climatic conditions.

The BREM-L vehicle is fitted with special equipment such as
towing rope
rigging and electric welding equipment
crane mount
bulldozer blade
cargo platform
towing gear and electro-hydraulic equipment.

The vehicle crew consists of three people: commander – electrical special equipment technician, driver – crane operator, locksmith – welder – slinger. Moreover, the vehicle has two additional seats for the crewmembers of the recovered vehicle, as we don’t leave people behind!

Main characteristics
Combat Weight
18.7 t
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Top Floating Speed
9 km/h
Cruising Range
600 km
Towing Speed
20 km/h (at least)
Crane Capacity
5 or 11 t (with dual pulley)