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Project 22800 Karakurt

Compact power


Great capabilities with low displacement

Considerable fire power;
Ensuring tactical supremacy;
Strong Air Defence;
Solving of the tasks in times of piece.

Despite its lower class, the firepower of a Karakurt corvette can be compared to a frigate.

Karakurt class ships are capable of achieving and maintaining maritime supremacy of an assigned sea area and of delivering high-precision missile strikes against critical land facilities located at the depth of an enemy’s territory.

Multichannel anti-aircraft artillery-missile system ensures strong defence of a ship from all types of aerial attack means.

In time of peace Karakurt class ships are able to maintain order in littoral areas.


Club – N integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300;
Missile load – 8 missiles.

Pantsir-ME AA missile-artillery system:
Range of fire of missiles/artillery, km – 20/5;
Ammunition load of missiles/gun rounds, un. – 32/1000.

Artillery gun mount АK-176МА-01 1х1 76,2 mm:
Range of fire, km – 15,7.

Pozitiv-ME 1.2 3D radar:
Detection range of an air target, km – 150.

Mineral-ME radar:
Detection range of a sea-surface target, km – up to 450.

MR-123-02 Bagira fire control radar system.

Incorporating of Project 22800 Corvettes to the Navy will result in substantial increase in fire power of the fleet at low cost.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam), m
Maximum speed, kts
Range, miles
Endurance, days
Seaworthiness, points