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The project 12200 patrol boat


The Project 12200 Sobol patrol boat is designed to operate on-call, to patrol territorial waters and enforce navigation regulations in inland channels, open roadsteads near harbours and ports, as well as in adjacent littoral areas.


The Project 12200 Sobol patrol boat is distinguished by high speed, excellent navigability and manoeuvrability, as well as weapons mix sufficient to perform the above tasks.

Armament & Equipment

  • one 30mm AK-306 light automatic gun mount (500 rounds);
  • two Igla MANPADS;
  • 14.5mm MTPU naval pedestal machine gun mount (500 rounds).

Navigation equipment

  • Liman 18M1 navigation radar;
  • Gyuis gyrocompass;
  • Azimut-90-1 magnetic compass;
  • NT300D DGPS receiver;
  • LEM2-2 log/echo sounder.

Communications equipment

  • NAUTEX NT-90 receiver;
  • MF/HF radio;
  • DSC RT4822 radio unit;
  • VHF portable radios;
  • SART RT-9-3 radar responder;
  • COSPAS-SARSAT Е3А emergency radio buoy.

Main propulsion plant

The boat is powered by two MTU 16V2000M90 diesels.

Electric power is supplied by two EM24DS diesel generators.

Main characteristics
Displacement, full load, t
about 57
Basic dimentions, m:
length, overall
depth, midship
draft, full load
about 1.3
Speed, knots:
about 47
about 36
Range, at economical speed, n.m.:
full fuel load
about 500
max fuel load
about 700
Endurance, days