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18.5 mm special shotgun with a box-type magazine

The 18,5KS-K special shotgun with a box-type magazine is designed for the equipment of law enforcement units.

The shotgun is manufactured on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle layout, has minimal assembly parts that provides easy disassembling and assembling of the gun. It is easy to employ, maintain and get good results in shooting training. The shock-absorbing folding butt-stock and ergonomic front handle also provides safe handling of the weapon and its convenient employment. The gas chamber regulator allows adjusting its operation to different types of ammunition.

The retractable 8-round magazine provides high combat readiness and good rate of fire. The shotgun can be equipped with the side bar for different types of optical sights. The iron sighting device is regulated vertically and horizontally.

All metal parts of the gun have anti-corrosive coating for reliable operation and durability in any operation conditions.

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Length of cartridge chamber, mm
Cartridge type
12/70; 12/76
self-loading, discharge of powder gases, rotary bolt
Length, mm:
butt extended
butt folded
Weight (w/o magazine), kg
Magazine capacity, rds
4 or 8