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7.62 mm sniper rifle

The 7.62mm OTs-03 sniper rifle is designed to destroy enemy manpower, wearing body armor, and thin-skinned vehicles.

The OTs-03 rifle, based on the 7.62mm Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, features a bullpup layout, which substantially reduced the length of the rifle, while leaving the barrel length and ballistics similar to those of the SVD type.

The rifle is gas-operated, which increases the effective rate of fire of the self-loading version.

The rifle is fitted with a telescopic folding bipod. A combined muzzle unit suppresses the report, almost eliminates muzzle flash, and reduces the recoil. The rudimentary butt plate, hinged to the receiver, absorbs part of the recoil by moving forward during the shot, therefore, improving the accuracy of fire. The rifle may be equipped with various side- or top-mounted sights.

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
7.62x54mm or 7.62x51mm
Effective range of fire, m
Weight with DS-5 sight and empty magazine, kg:
day sight
night sight with monocular
Length, mm
Magazine capacity, rds