RAE-2015 exhibition demonstrates state-of-the-art military hardware spearheaded by Rosoboronexport
08.09.2015 Press release

At the International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition RAE-2015 (September 9-12, Nizhny Tagil) foreign delegations are expected to demonstrate high interest to the latest R&D efforts of the Russian defense industry enterprises spearheaded and developed with a direct involvement of experts from Rosoboronexport which belongs to the State Corporation Rostec.

"We are closely looking at the trends in the international arms market, comprehensively analyze the needs and demands of our partners, the nature of modern conflicts. So we have a clear vision of what our customers need today and will demand in the future. This serves us to make guidelines and recommendations for the developers and manufacturers. Some of the latest models of the land forces military equipment were developed upon the initiative of Rosoboronexport and with a participation of our experts,"- Deputy Director General of Rosoboronexport Igor Sevastyanov, who heads the company’s delegation at the exhibition, said.

In particular, the exhibition will unveil the new modernization project of light armored vehicles by the example of the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier (in cooperation with the 81 Armor Repair Plant "81 BTRZ" and CRI "Burevestnik") and the 57-mm AU-220M automatic weapon (in cooperation with CRI "Burevestnik").

Thus, a unified set of technical solutions for equipping light armored vehicles (BTR-60/70/80, BMP-1, BRDM-2), which was implemented in the BTR-80 showcase model, can significantly increase firepower (new remotely operated weapon station), protection and survivability (additional protection elements of the external structure and crew compartment), as well ergonomic, performance, and controllability thanks to the advanced digital communications, satellite navigation, surveillance, and air conditioning.

At the exhibition, the 57-mm AU-220M automatic weapon system will be demonstrated at the BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle. This option to upgrade the military equipment is proposed by Rosoboronexport to the countries, which already have in service these Russian vehicles.

The new weapon system can be installed on other armored vehicles and naval equipment of both Russian and foreign production. High performance characteristics of the AU-220M allow for combating a wide range of armored vehicles and air targets on the battlefield. Equipping the vehicles with this weaponry can greatly increase firepower of the motorized and infantry units.

"Rosoboronexport pays great attention to the modernization and maintenance of previously supplied land forces equipment of the Russian and Soviet production. Our solutions are very effective and economically viable. For many countries this is a real opportunity to significantly improve the combat capability of their armed forces" - Igor Sevastyanov said.