Rosoboronexport at DSA 2012 - working in the interests of customers
16.04.2012 Press release

From 16 to 19 April 2012, the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, will be hosting the 13th International Defense Services Asia(DSA) 2012 Exhibition and Conference. DSA is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and the National Police and is regarded one of the top events for the global defense and security industry. Rosoboronexport, Russia’s sole government agency authorized to export/import the full range of final defense products and services, will be its participant for the tenth time in a row. The exhibition is held every two years.

Today, the Asia-Pacific Region (ATR) is the largest arms market, where Russia has established strong military-technical ties with many countries. Currently, the ATR countries account for 43% of Rosoboronexport’s total defense exports. The Company actively promotes modern submarines, surface ships and fast missile craft in the region. Sukhoi and MiG combat aircraft as well as helicopters enjoy great success here. Deliveries of Russian armored vehicles continue to meet the Army’s needs, while some countries have established their licensed production. The number of requests for Russian air defense weaponry systems is steadily growing. Special weapons for law enforcement agencies are in demand, too.

Rosoboronexport’s participation in the Malaysian DSA 2012 Exhibition is an important marketing event,” - believes Viktor Komardin, head of the Rosoboronexport delegation and Deputy Director General of the Company. – “It will be an important step in strengthening our earlier achieved contacts and it will win Russia’s new foothold in the Asia-Pacific arms markets.”

More than 700 companies from 40 countries worldwide will present their products in the Putra World Trade Centre’s exhibition area of 42,000 square meters. The Rosoboronexport booth, too, will be impressive. It will showcase materials on the best Russian defense products, which have embodied the technical solutions having no analogs in world practice.

Considering the nature of modern conflicts, the real needs and economic opportunities of the buyers, Rosoboronexport offers its partners modern air defense systems needed to provide assured protection for the most critical administrative, political and economic centers, military groups, military bases, control centers and other facilities against air attacks. The lineup of Russian export air defense products includes Buk-M2E and Tor-M2E SAM systems, Tunguska-M1 missile/gun air defense system, and Igla-S MANPADS offering high competitive potential.

In particular, the Buk-M2E modern multi-functional multi-channel medium-range SAM system has high combat capabilities to counter current and future air threats. It is designed to defeat tactical and strategic aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters (including hovering ones) and other aerodynamic targets in their whole flight altitude envelopes, as well as tactical ballistic, air-launched missiles and guided air bombs. At the same time, the Buk-M2E can be effectively used to engage radio-contrast surface and ground targets. The SAM system has not only retained the best design solutions implemented in the Kvadrat, Buk-M1 and Buk-M1-2 systems, but has far exceeded their combat capabilities as well. In particular, its rate of fire has quadrupled through the use of new electronically steerable array radars, while the engagement range against low-altitude targets has increased 1.5 times, owing to addition of an illumination/guidance radar. The Buk-M2E is capable of simultaneously attacking up to 24 targets at ranges of 45 to 50 km flying from any direction at altitudes of 15 meters to 25 km. It provides high immunity in a heavy ECM environment, effective protection against precision-guided weapons, all-weather capability, high survivability, mobility, cross-country capacity and short emplacement time in any terrain. High reliability of the system components in different climatic conditions is guaranteed during 10 years with a further extension of the service life. The Buk-M2E SAM system can be integrated into the national air defense systems and supplied on both tracked and wheeled chassis at customer’s option.

Rosoboronexport’s traditional partners in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia regions have long been operating Russian combat aircraft. Air Force equipment accounts for over 51 percent of the Company’s export deliveries. Nowadays Rosoboronexport promotes Su-, MiG- and Yak-family Russian aircraft in the region, which have high export potential. The Yak-130 modern combat trainer will certainly arouse interest among potential customers. The aircraft successfully passed the official tests and has been in service with the Russian Air Force since 2010, where it showed itself at its best. Its production currently continues. Owing to its high training, technical and fighting performance and operational efficiency, the Yak-130 has entered the global arms market, and several export delivery contracts for these aircraft have already been signed to date.

There are quite a few countries on the world map today wherever Russian helicopters were used. At the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, professionals will find information about the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Mi-35M attack/transport helicopter, Ka-52 reconnaissance/attack helicopter, Ka-31 radar picket helicopter, and the Mi-26T2 heavy transport helicopter.

As a major maritime power (with the length of the sea and ocean boundaries alone making up almost 39,000 km), Russia has modern naval forces. Naval products are represented at the Rosoboronexport booth by the materials on the Project 636 Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine, Amur-1650 fourth-generation submarine, small coastal submarines, Project 11661 Gepard-3.9 and Project 22356 frigates, Project 20382 Tigr corvette, Project 12322 Zubr air-cushion landing ship, and maritime situational awareness facilities.

Russia is one of the largest exporters of the modern boats for various purposes. Rosoboronexport delegation members will provide the participants and guests of DSA 2012 with the unique characteristics of the Project 12418 Molniya missile boat, Project 14310 Mirazh and Project 12150 Mangust fast patrol craft, and the Murena-E air-cushion landing craft.

The lineup of Army equipment, which Rosoboronexport will display at DSA 2012, looks impressive. It includes the T-90S missile/gun tank, BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle, BTR-80 and BTR-80A armored personnel carriers, Smerch multiple rocket launcher system, Kornet-E and Metis-M1 ATGM systems, as well as other modern weaponry.

For example, the BTR-80 is an amphibious combat vehicle designed to carry units and provide fire support in combat. The BTR-80 is in service with land forces in more than 35 countries and has proven itself excellently during peacekeeping operations.

The upgraded BMP-3M agile IFV will surely catch the attention of specialists. Its new digital ballistic computer and thermal sighting system with automatic target tracker have drastically improved the operational effectiveness of the armaments consisting of a 100mm smoothbore gun/launcher, a 30mm automatic cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun mounted in a single stabilized weapons module.

The participants and visitors will be able to get a comprehensive idea of ??the modern T-90S missile/gun MBT. It features small dimensions and weight, a low silhouette, missile and gun armaments, and an explosive reactive armor system. It is one of the best tanks in the world today.

As for the Metis-M1 and Kornet-E ATGM systems designed to engage armored vehicles and fortifications, they have shown excellent performance in all countries that have adopted them. Experts recognize that the Russian developers have attained unique performance of both of the systems by embodying their extensive experience with ATGM systems, together with due regard to their operational use.

The display will also include the improved new-generation Kalashnikov AK-100 series assault rifles (5.56mm and 7.62mm AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, and AK-104), hand-held antitank grenade launchers, sniper rifles, night vision sights and many other models of military hardware based on advanced technologies.

Improving its marketing strategy for the benefit of the partners, Rosoboronexport is ready to transfer technology and establish licensed production of military equipment at customers’ industrial facilities as well as to jointly develop and manufacture advanced defense products. The Company provides services related to customer personnel training, servicing and modernization of previously purchased equipment. The package of proposals includes repair and modernization of foreign-made weapons based on Soviet and Russian equipment and systems.

“DSA is Asia’s largest exhibition of armaments and military equipment for the Land Forces, Air Force, Air Defense Forces, Navy and special forces,” – said head of the Rosoboronexport delegation Viktor Komardin. – “Today, because of the existing external and internal threats, the countries in the region need the most advanced military products and technologies to ensure their security more than ever. We are interested in providing the real and effective assistance to our partners in order to maintain stability in the region and strengthen a reliable multi-polar world."

Dear journalists, visitors and exhibitors at DSA 2012.
The Rosoboronexport delegation members will be waiting for you at the Company’s booth (Hall 5, Booth 5077).
We’ll be looking forward to meeting you and ready to answer any of your questions.